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*CARDS ONLY* Complete Challenge Savings Pack

$37.99 $43.88
**Please Note: This is for the CARDS ONLY - which do NOT need to be purchased separately if your buying any other challenge pack as it comes with them :)**

Are you struggling to manage, budget & stay on track with your income? 

Do you want to start saving your money, without completely breaking the bank? 

Our money challenges are perfect for low income OR high income earners! They are perfect for anyone who wants to start saving and stay on track! If you're looking for an easy to follow money challenge that will keep your money saving fun and exciting, these are perfect for you! 

Benefits Of Our Money Challenges:
✓ Keep Organised & Stay On Track With Saving
Effectively Save Without Breaking The Bank 
✓ Be Confident In Your Money Saving & Goals
✓ Go At Your Own Pace! 

The Following Money Challenge Cards:

1. Emergency Fund - Save $750
2. $5 Challenge - Save $260
3. $10 Challenge - Save $520
4. $20 Challenge - Save $1040
5. $40 Challenge - Save $2080
6. $100 Challenge - Save $1000
7. Monthly Cash Bingo Challenge - Save $1000
8. Monthly Cash Bingo Challenge - Save $2000
9. $5000 Saving Challenge - Save $5000
10. $10,000 Saving Challenge - Save $10,000

Complete your challenges one at a time or at your own pace.

Once all of the challenges are complete from this pack, you will have saved $23,650!!

These challenges are specifically made for low incomes & high income earners to help save effectively without breaking the bank.

When purchased, you will be posted your laminated money challenges - ready to start your savings goals! 

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