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*CARDS ONLY* Kids Challenge Pack

$37.99 $43.88

Do you want a fun & exciting way to teach your kids about money that will keep them interested in saving? 

Are you wanting to introduce & teach good money saving habits from a young age to your kids? 

Our easy-to-follow kids money challenges are perfect for introducing money & savings while also keeping it fun, exciting & something they can accomplish with completing the challenges.

Once your child has completed the challenges from the kids pack, they would have saved $366!!
Benefits Of Our Kids Challenges:✓ Introduce Great Money Saving Skills From A Young Age✓ Give Kids A Sense Of Independence & Confidence 
✓ Reach & Accomplish Money Goals 
✓ Easy To Follow & Adjustable To Kids Needs
✓ Go At Your Their Own Pace While Learning!Our Kids Challenge Pack Comes With:✓ Their Own A5 Budget Money Wallet✓ Clear Zip Money Envelopes For Each Challenge

 & The Following Challenges:1. $1 Challenge - Save $642. $2 Challenge - Save $403. $5 Challenge - Save $704. Being Brave - Save $335. Giving A Helping Hand - Save $416. Cleaning Up Card - Save $237. Dressed, Brushed & Ready For Bed - Save $258. Try Something New - Save $70

Parents! It’s time to get creative! 
Some of our kids challenges can be adjusted to suit childs needs. 

For example; the $5 Challenge - Maybe they’re learning to toilet train? Maybe they are learning to tie their shoes? The flexibility of some of these challenges are endless depending on what stage of learning your child is at. That’s what make these so amazing - they are reusable, versatile & sure to keep your kids excited and wanting to smash those goals and challenges!

Our Kids Challenge pack comes with seperate compartments to keep each of their challenges in to be able to organise their money. Complete your challenges one at a time or at their your own pace. 

When purchased, you will be posted your laminated money challenges, a permanent marker & your A5 money saving wallet - ready to get your children started on their savings goals! 


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