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Everyday Expenses Challenge Pack

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Are you struggling to manage, budget & stay on track with your bills and everyday expenses? 

Do you want to start budgeting for your upcoming bills, so you don't break the bank when they arrive? 

Our everyday expenses challenges are perfect for low income OR high income earners! They are perfect for anyone who wants to get ahead with their bills and everyday expenses and stop dreading about the upcoming bill cycles. If you're looking for easy to follow money challenges that will keep you up to date with your payments and expenses, these are perfect for you! 

The everyday expenses challenge pack is based on putting small amounts of money aside each pay cycle, so when the time comes for these expenses - it won't feel like you're breaking the bank! Each time you get your bills each cycle (electricity, water etc) or when Christmas is right around the corner - your already prepared with some of the money to go straight towards the expense. It takes stress, worry and helps you prepare ahead of time!

Benefits Of Our Everyday Expense Cards:
✓ Keep Organised & Stay On Track With Your Expenses
✓ Be Confident With Paying Bills Without The Stress
✓ Prepare Ahead Of Time With Payments

Our Everyday Expenses Challenge Pack Comes With:
✓ Your Own A5 Budget Money Wallet Binder 
✓ Clear Zip Money Envelopes For Each Challenge

✓ & The Following Everyday Expense Cards:
1. Electricity & Water Challenge - Amount $360
2. Monthly Phone Bill Challenge - Amount $100 
3. Emergency Fund Challenge - Amount $360
4. Petrol Budget Challenge - Amount $200
5. Groceries Budget Challenge - Amount $140
6. Car Payment Budget Challenge - Amount $320 
7. Treat Yourself Budget Challenge - Amount $180
8. Christmas Budget Challenge - Amount $500
9. Holiday Budget Challenge - Amount $1000 

Our money wallet comes with seperate compartments to keep each of your challenges in to be able to organise your money. Complete your challenges one at a time or at your own pace.

These challenges are specifically made to help you feel confident with expenses and bills and try to keep on top of them, rather them dread them! 

When purchased, you will be posted your laminated money challenges, a permanent marker & your A5 money saving wallet - ready to start putting money aside! 

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