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The Budget Diary 2.0

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Are you struggling to manage your finances, budget & stay on track with your saving and spending

Do you want a fun and exciting way to start taking control of your finances that helps you to stay on track & interested? 

Introducing "The Budget Diary"

The Budget Diary is the "banking version" of our very popular cash budget binders, as seen all over TikTok & Instagram! Packed with ALL of our great 'Money Challenges' to keep it exciting, The Budget Diary is perfect for anyone who wants to begin or continue their financial journey, track their debts & spending, all whilst forming great savings habits for the future!

In addition to being packed with our famous REUSABLE money challenges as seen on TikTok & Instagram, The Budget Diary has Weekly Spending Charts, Debt Tracking to stay onto of your debt repayments, Goals & Reflections pages to keep you motivated and on track, Tips & Tricks, Monthly Budget Reviews and MORE! 

To begin our workbook, you open up savings account (preferably one you can't see or touch) - then begin our workbook and complete money challenges along the way! As you complete and colour in each money challenge & transfer that amount to the savings account, you will have saved $23,650 when finished our savings challenges!!

The Budget Diary is based off saving for 12 months but not only can it be started at any month that you prefer, you are also able to skip a month if you need to - its completely based on what you can afford and suits your lifestyle and income! 

Once all of the savings challenges are complete from this workbook, you will have saved $23,650!!
In addition to our savings challenges, we have included all of our Everyday Expenses challenges! 

Benefits Of Investing In The Budget Diary:
✓ Keep Your Spending & Saving Organised 
Effectively Save & Stay On Track Towards Your Financial Goals 
✓ Build & Stay Confident In Your Money Saving & Financial Goals
✓ Go At Your Own Pace, Without Pressure!  

*ALL of our challenge pages are REUSABLE - so they can be restarted if needed* 

The Following Savings Challenges In The Budget Diary:
1. Emergency Fund - Save $750
2. $5 Challenge - Save $260
3. $10 Challenge - Save $520
4. $20 Challenge - Save $1040
5. $40 Challenge - Save $2080
6. $100 Challenge - Save $1000
7. Monthly Cash Bingo Challenge - Save $1000
8. Monthly Cash Bingo Challenge - Save $2000
9. $5000 Saving Challenge - Save $5000
10. $10,000 Saving Challenge - Save $10,000

The Following Everyday Expense Cards:
1. Electricity & Water Challenge - Amount $360
2. Monthly Phone Bill Challenge - Amount $100 
3. Emergency Fund Challenge - Amount $360
4. Petrol Budget Challenge - Amount $200
5. Groceries Budget Challenge - Amount $140
6. Car Payment Budget Challenge - Amount $320 
7. Treat Yourself Budget Challenge - Amount $180
7. Christmas Budget Challenge - Amount $500
9. Holiday Budget Challenge - Amount $1000 

*ALL of our money challenges are 100% reusable & can be wiped with an alcohol wipe if you need to restart**

If you're looking for an easy-to-follow savings guide, packed with different 'money challenges' & tips and tricks that will keep your money saving fun and exciting, 'The Budget Diary' is perfect for you! 

A study from the Dominican University of California, ran by Dr Gail Mathews, focused on the science behind goal setting and writing down your goals. The study found that by writing down your goals, you are 42% more likely to actually achieve them. Committing to action, writing down your goals, have a sense of accountability & keeping up with regular updates shows a high rate of effectiveness.

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